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About Sarah

Educational Consultant With Over 20 Years Of Experience In Education

Sarah was a founding faculty member and teacher for 17 years at Paul Cuffee School in Providence, Rhode Island. She graduated from the Highlander Institute’s Fuse RI Fellowship. Sarah coaches teachers and works with administration internationally, making blended personalized learning available to schools. Her strengths include online learning, classroom, and school redesign, advising school administration, management in a 21st-century classroom, parent engagement, and data analysis. Sarah was the founding teacher at Squiggle Park, helping to design bite-sized literacy games for children and has also worked closely with other edtech companies. She now works as a blended personalized learning consultant. She believes students should be empowered as learners and be the captains of their learning adventure. 

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"I am so appreciative to have been a part of the design team for blended learning this school year at ASU Prep. All of the professional development on how to incorporate self-paced student learning through a variety of technology-based programs has made the transition to online teaching so much easier for me. Thank you, Sarah!"

Jill Loveall, High School ELA

Teachers are now guides in the classroom. It's all about shifting the cognitive load to the students— Empowering students and providing them with the right resources to move at a pace that is just right for them.

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