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Designing The Future Of Education

Are you an architect involved in school or district renovation or the design of new schools?  It's important to recognize that the school's culture, community, educational philosophies, and learning models also require updates to align with the new infrastructure. Sarah can serve as a bridge between you and the school, facilitating a personalized approach to implementing your innovative designs in each unique educational environment. Working collaboratively, Sarah can offer support to school leaders, teachers, and students as they adapt to the necessary academic changes required to fully utilize their redesigned learning spaces.

Empower Your School's Transformation

Is your school or district poised for transformation? Whether you're seeking to enhance student outcomes, explore innovative learning models, revamp bell schedules (or eliminate them entirely), reimagine classroom design, or bolster leadership support, Sarah can partner with you in turning your goals into tangible achievements. Let's work together to bring your vision to fruition.

Professional Development

Professional development is frequently generic and doesn't cater to the specific needs of your school or district, resulting in low engagement and minimal implementation. By collaborating with school leaders, Sarah can design tailored professional development programs that align with your school's unique requirements, benefiting both teachers and students alike. Just as we aim to provide students with voice and choice in their learning, educators and leaders should also receive professional development in engaging, student-centric models.

Edtech Consultations

With extensive experience in education and a background in working with various edtech companies, Sarah can offer valuable insights to help you choose the right edtech products for your school or district. Whether you represent an edtech company or are part of a startup or established group, Sarah regularly engages in discussions that encompass everything from content and dashboard usability to data analysis. Additionally, Sarah is always eager to provide marketing tips to enhance the success of your edtech solutions.

Imagining Something Else?

Please reach out and we can design a plan together that meets your specific needs.

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